"over 40 years of Outdoor Industry experience…"

I inherited the GSI brand from Marty after he drove the brand forward from a “sourced item company” to a leading brand of camping cookware and accessories. Marty’s vision was instrumental in building the foundation for the GSI brand, which now enjoys status of being the dominant category brand in multiple sales channels.
— Mike Glavin- Vice President & Brand Manager at Sierra Designs
Marty and I were part of a start-up team that both launched a new outdoor brand, plus combined some of the operational functions of two founding companies. In start-up mode, Marty was a one-man sales and marketing machine, spearheading photography, copy-writing, marketing communications, dealer relations, trade shows and all related activities. Start-ups require a “boundarylessness” and willingness to dig in wherever needed. Marty had those characteristics, and he is blessed with keen intelligence, volumes of experience, but most critically, a native good sense that allows him to think on his feet, be creative, solve problems quickly, rally support from others, and have fun doing it all.
Start-ups are not for everyone. They are challenging. I would do another one with Marty
— Geoff O'Keeffe- Founder and Partner at New Normal Consulting, LLC
Marty drove the concept, strategy, and assets for Adventure 16 Wholesale during its largest market share and growth period. As a buyer for A16 retail I worked along side Marty as a customer as well as a partner in business. What has always impressed me the most about Marty was his tireless attention to detail and seemingly endless energy put into making the wholesale business thrive. It was a pleasure to work with Marty as an individual as well as a strategic business partner
— Mike Wallenfels- Board member and Active Lifestyle Industry Executive
Marty and I served as VP’s together at Adventure 16, Inc. during most of the 1980’s. Marty was the head of A16’s Wholesale Distribution Division and under his direct leadership built the division from a small operation to a multi-million dollar division within just a few years. Since that time I have kept in contact with Marty and done business with him as both a customer and supplier and continue to be impressed with his creativity, business acumen and his passion. I believe Marty Hiester is one of the most capable executives in the Outdoor Industry
— John Mead- President at Adventure 16
Marty is someone who inspired me to pursue a career in the business of the Outdoors, and has been a creative and thoughtful leader for decades as our career arcs have intersected multiple times. He always seems to be one step ahead as a trend spotter & business leader. Marty’s instincts and advice were important to me twenty years ago, and even more today.
— Kenji Haroutunian- Owner Principal at Kenji Consults
Marty was a pleasure to work with during his time as sales director at GSI Outdoors. He brought a wealth of experience within the industry to this position and was able to help create sales programs and marketing tools that were a huge benefit to both the sales team and customers. He is an extremely personable and likeable individual who cares for the people that he works for, and with. I would not hesitate to recommend Marty as a colleague, business partner or employee
— Richard Haziza- Namaste Trading Group Ltd.