Beer Barrels at Twelve String Brewing Company

tequila barrel for aging craft beer

tequila barrel for aging craft beer

One of my favorite images from the Twelve String Brewery shoot last week…
I got carried away with the Beer Barrels!
Twelve String has an extensive barrel aging program, 
recycled cognac, rum, whiskey, bourbon & tequila barrels
enhance the character of their beer.
This particular tequila barrel had a unique Mayan bird glyph with a Jack Daniels imprint on there other end…
Can’t wait to try the Beer that comes from this Barrel with the 
Influences of Jack then Jose in its history!

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©Marty Hiester- Creative Commons (CC by NC 3.0)
Captured on the Sony a7, FE 28-70mm Zoom at 50mm
Post in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

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