Mission San Francisco Borja, Baja California, Mexico

Founded in 1762, Mission San Borja is one of Baja California’s finest monuments.
Located just inland from Bahía Los Angeles, native Cochimí tribes named this spring fed valley Adac.
Jesuit Priest Wenceslaus first designated the site as a “visita" for nearby Misión Santa Gertrudis.
Construction of this incredible stone building began in 1759, the church was completed by the Dominicans in 1801, only to be abandoned in 1818, as native populations left this remote, harsh region of Baja California. 
It’s a rough off-road drive to the mission site, where restoration work continues today.
The main church features a beautiful arched roof & a stone “font”- a meter tall bowl on a pedestal that once held the holy water at the entrance.
Inside there’s incredible craftsmanship… the hand cut stone floor, dome ceilings & unique circular stairway. 

Captured in 1987 on Kodachrome 25, Nikon F3, Nikkor 50mm 1.4

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